Our Story

Critical Transport Solutions Australia Pty Ltd was established in 2009 with a very clear vision to become the leader in specialist transportation services.

With operational offices strategically located across Australia, Critical Transport Solutions has grown to become a market leader in providing logistical freight management services, specializing in time and temperature critical solutions for the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries. Due to a strong demand, CTSA expanded into additional niche markets such as food research and development, mining and automotive spare parts, all requiring similar, but no less vital services to that of the Healthcare industry.

Our Team

Our team of experienced, highly qualified staff all possess strong backgrounds in the Transport and Logistics Industry and have held pivotal roles throughout their careers, driving the development of effective temperature-control management systems still used within the industry today.

Drawing from a wealth of knowledge that can only come from many years of industry experience, our team work tirelessly to provide a service that takes the stress out of the transport process; offering a hands-on approach to assist Customers when navigating through the myriad of cross-border legislation, regulations and protocols often associated with International shipping. We are driven by a desire to make the entire process of moving a consignment as easy, seamless and efficient for our Customers as possible. We truly care about each and every consignment.

Our commitment to you

Our objective is to satisfy our Customers’ needs and to maintain and improve our service quality by monitoring our performance and the performance of our suppliers.
In meeting all the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, the Company has established and implemented key measurable objectives.
Independent verification of CTSA’s Quality Management System and conformity to this system shall be by an accredited body (Best Practice Certification), thus conforming for qualification to the above standards.
All systems and procedures contained in the CTSA Quality Management System shall be mandatory for all staff. Periodic reviews shall be undertaken to ensure staff conformance.
To further ensure conformity, appropriate training courses will be attended by select staff and will include such training as shall be considered necessary to maintain the system to the required standard.