Critical Transport Solutions is a wholly independent Company that provides customised transportation services to industries including but not limited to the Life Sciences, Food, Automotive, Aircraft and Technology sectors.

We offer specialised time and temperature sensitive courier services for the safe and secure transport of irreplaceable clinical trial materials, diagnostic specimens and healthcare related shipments as well as fast and secure distribution of food products, automotive spare parts and high value technology components, to name just a few.

Why not contact our expert staff about our vast range of International, Australia-Wide and Metropolitan services or alternatively, enjoy browsing our website for more information.


Speciality Services

Biomedical & Life Sciences

CTSA offers a wide range of solutions for transporting specialist commodities such as Cell Lines, Investigational Drug, Biological material and Vaccines.

Food R&D

CTSA has developed specialist processes specifically catering to the needs of food research and development.

Pharmaceutical Distribution

CTSA are the experts in cold chain management and the time critical delivery of Pharmaceutical products from research compounds to end-use product.

Next Flight Time Critical

CTSA sets the benchmark for time-critical and next flight transport. Consignments are closely monitored to ensure the best possible transit times are achieved.

Customized Logistics

CTSA understands that no two Customers are alike and therefore will tailor logistic’s solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Dangerous Goods

CTSA is equipped to handle all classes of Dangerous Goods. Our team is fully-qualified and will guide you through the packaging and documentation requirements.